Chamber Wall Sections

Concrete Chamber Wall Sections Northern Ireland

Chamber Wall Sections

Chamber Wall Sections Northern Ireland

These items are for Gas & Waterworks purposes and are made in accordance with BS5834

CodeInternal DimensionsProduct DepthWallWeight (each)
CH1818/WS/100180mm x 180mm100mm65mm13kg
CH1818/WS/150180mm x 180mm150mm65mm19.5kg
CH3030/WS/75305mm x 305mm75mm65mm15.5kg
CH3030/WS/100305mm x 305mm100mm65mm21kg
CH4328/WS/100430mm x 280mm100mm65mm25kg
CH4328/WS/150430mm x 280mm150mm65mm38kg
CH4545/WS/150450mm x 450mm150mm100mm72kg
CH6045/WS/100610mm x 455mm100mm65mm32kg
CH6045/WS/150610mm x 455mm150mm65mm48kg
CH6060/WS/100610mm x 610mm100mm75mm48kg
CH6060/WS/150610mm x 610mm150mm75mm72kg
CH9060/WS/100915mm x 610mm100mm75mm60kg
CH9060/WS/150915mm x 610mm150mm75mm90kg


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