Kerbs & Channels

Concrete Kerbs & Channels Northern Ireland

Kerbs & Channels

Kerbs & Channels Northern Ireland

CodeDescriptionDepthWidthLengthTop EdgeFaceChannelWeight (each)
KERB62F150 x 50mm Flat Top Kerb150mm50mm910mm   16kg
KERB62C150 x 50mm Chamfered Kerb150mm50mm910mm25mm115mm 16kg
KERB62F150 x 50mm Round Top Kerb150mm50mm910mm   16kg
KERB73C175 x 75mm Chamfered Kerb175mm75mm910mm34mm115mm 23kg
KERB84C200 x 100mm Chamfered Kerb200mm100mm910mm50mm100mm 35kg
KERB15DW380 x 80mm Dwarf Wall Kerb380mm80mm910mm25mm315mm 64kg
CHAN1Small Open Channel65mm160mm910mm  110mm Diameter18kg
CHAN2Concealed Channel190mm190mm910mm  100 x 25mm50kg


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